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Who is Maya?

I am in my late  30’s and have a distinct European flair.  I am 5’6” in height and weigh 115 pounds. My hair is blond, and my eyes have been described as a vibrant blue.  My friends say I am a good listener, fun to be around, know how to be a real friend and, love to have a good time.  I enjoy working-out on a regular basis as you can probably determine by looking at my photographs.  I have no tattoos or body piercing, and I am drug-free.  I believe in a healthy life style.


What makes you special?

The conversation, the bonding, and the relaxed atmosphere all make for a pleasurable experience.  You will feel like you are with a girlfriend rather than an escort.  Gentlemen who truly appreciate beauty, class, intelligence and charm will enjoy getting to know me.


Will you be prompt for our appointment?

Yes, I take pride in being punctual for all appointments.


How will you be dressed when you arrive for our appointment?

I will be impeccably and tastefully dressed in either an elegant business suit or an exquisite casual outfit, depending upon your preference and general circumstance.


What type of person do you prefer to meet?

I like to meet gentlemen who enjoy the company of an intelligent, yet beautiful woman. Appearance is not as important as a friendly, generous and warm-hearted nature.


Will you stay for the entire time that I reserve?

Yes. Whether you book an appointment for two hours or two days, I will be with you for the entire time.


Will you be discreet about our meetings?

Yes.  All reservations are completely confidential in all respects.


Where do you prefer to meet?

I provide my service at your location.  Appointments may be booked at any premium hotel.  I do not, in general, book appointments at any private residence.  However, on occasion, exceptions are made.


What is an “upscale escort?”

In my opinion, the term is over-used.  Obviously, it includes all of the erotic qualities you think about when you hear the phrase.  In addition, and more importantly, I believe it applies to one who provides a singular escort experience while establishing an exclusive relationship tailored to individual needs.

"I’ve had different experiences in the escort game: good, bad, hit or miss. I’ve attempted to save money by booking cheap. To be fair, sometimes it was a decent experience, but I was ready for a step up. On my first trip to Memphis, I did my research. Maya’s website stood out from the crowd. My first reaction was, 'it’s too good to be true'. I then found her and decided to take a chance and see what she was all about. Man-oh-man, it was like experiencing another world! She is not just another Memphis escort service provider picked out of Memphis Escorts crowd, but a special lady you have always dreamed of: witty, smart and caring. Do yourself a favor and check her out. 

I have nothing to lose and nothing to gain . . . just sharing what I know . . ."

Steve D.



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