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Memphis  Escort Maya - Booking Tips

             Use the following tips when booking an appointment. They can make a tremendous difference in the outcome.


            1. Take time to plan for your escort appointment. Does the escort provider have a website that is well-written and informative? If so, read the information thoroughly so there won’t be any surprises or misunderstandings. Do not merely glance at the photographs and make a call. In particular, make certain you understand the rate structure before you place the call.


            2. If the escort site is poorly written with little attention to detail and/or poor quality photographs, find another escort. Come-on lines such as “Hi sexy, you won’t be disappointed!” generally end in disappointment.


            3. If the escort's advertised rates are extremely low, there is a reason. Continue your search.


            4. Quality escort websites do not link with, or  advertise porn or sleaze.


            5. When you speak with a live person, never initiate the conversation by saying things like “I’m calling about your website...” or “Are you available?”  Introduce yourself first. Address escort by her  name—not “kitten,” “honey,” or “sweetie.”  It just sounds cheap and very disrespectful. You only have one opportunity to make a positive first impression.


            6. Be specific about booking dates if that’s important to you.


           7. If booking an outcall escort appointment, be sure to disclose your hotel or at least the area where you plan to stay.


            8. Do not place calls in the evening, or later, asking for an appointment that same evening or night.Everyone appreciates reasonable notice. It’s just common courtesy.


            9. Be prepared for a screening process. This can be done in different ways. If you’re serious about the appointment, be ready to make a comfortable disclosure.


           10. When communicating the escort by email, always include the word “Appointment” or “Meeting” on the subject line; the escort provider's name in the email itself (so it will be obvious it’s not junk mail or spam); and, your name so that escort provider will be able to send you a personal response. Of course, you should also observe the other tips set forth above.







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